• automatic packing machine

automatic packing machine


Product origin :GUANG DONG CHINA

Delivery time :30 Working days

Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Product Description: The automatic packing machine can automatically shape and arrange the packages, put them into the opened cartons, and complete the packing equipment with self-adhesive sealing and other actions. All actions are fully automatic. Most of the automatic packing machine adopts a new type of combined structure, including the box device, the whole column device, filling device and sealing device and other functional units, respectively, to complete the corresponding functional action, each device is installed on the same main frame. The box blank frame of the box forming device is above, the filling device is directly below the box forming device, the whole column device is in front of the filling device, and the box sealing device is behind the filling device. PLC touch screen control. There is a safety device for bottle shortage alarm shutdown and bottle-free unpacking. Greatly facilitate the operation, management, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, is an essential equipment for automated scale production.

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