How To Use Servo Motors In Robotic

The importance of servo motors
A servo motor is a motor that is absolutely obeyed by a control signal. For example, the rotor is stationary before the control signal is sent. When the control signal is issued, the rotor rotates immediately. The control system of industrial robots mainly involves servo motors, reducers, controllers and sensors. The servo motor is the power system of the industrial robot. It is usually installed at the "joint" of the robot. It is the core of the robot movement and is just as important as the human heart.

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At present, the joint drive of the robot is inseparable from the servo system, and the more joints, the more servo motors are used. The servo motor is used in the CNC system. It is controllable and can realize semi-closed loop control and closed loop control. This also requires the servo system to adapt to the shape of the robot to achieve small size, light weight, acceleration, deceleration and other conditions, and also requires high reliability and stability. At present, industrial robots use more AC servo systems.

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